Geilo - A true Winter Paradise! 

The Winter in Geilo is something very special. When the white gold settles over the National Park Village, we get the warm, beautiful and soothing atmosphere. Winter in Geilo is both guaranteed snow and offers activities for everyone. In our two national parks, you will find miles of cross-country trails in a beautiful high mountain terrain, and on both sides of the valley, the ski slopes give you challenges in all categories. Below you will find some of the explorations we can take you on to. 

Explore a winter day completely out of the ordinary! !

Ice fishing with a bonfire 

We drill holes in the ice and light fires. While we wait for the big catch, we enjoy a pleasant time around the fire with a hot drink and homemade bread sticks.

Fat bike in a winter landscape 

Join us on a memorable bike ride, where we cycle on Fat Bikes into the high mountains. We eat our lunch outdoors, with goodies in our rucksacks.

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a fantastic activity in which the whole family can join. Sit in the sled or get the opportunity to stand behind and feel the cooperation of the clever Alaskan huskies.

Alpine Day in Geilo

A day skiing in Geilo becomes a completely different experience when our guide shows you the cool slopes, tells you nice stories and takes you to lunch at some hide-away restaurant.

 Snowshoeing with bonfire

This unique wilderness experience takes place on snowshoes in easy terrain through fantastic mountain scenery at Ustaoset. On the trip, we also cook traditional campfire food.

Sauna & Ice bathing in Lake Ustevatn 

There is nothing better than taking a warm sauna down by Lake Ustevatn after being out for a whole day in winter wonderland. The toughest of us jumps into the lake! 

We give you local food experiences!

Meet The Cheesemaker

Come along to Hol Ysteri and experience real traditional craftsmanship and how world-class Norwegian cheese is made. We get to hear about life on the "støles" back then and nowadays, and we taste our way through the cheese platters

- Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you -

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