The most beautiful of Norway in the immediate vicinity


With the national park village of Geilo as a starting point you have access to countless exciting activities in magnificent nature, both autumn, winter, spring and summer.

With its location just between Oslo and Bergen on the Bergen Railway, one of the world's most beautiful train trips, Geilo is easily accessible to everyone.


Whatever season or time of day - we have plenty of ideas for nice excursions in the surrounding region. Below we have listed some activities and we would love to assist you in making a complete mountain experience for you and your fellow guests.

Hiking in Aurlandsdalen

The Aurlandsdalen is one of the old traffic routes between Eastern and Western Norway. The valley is incredibly spectacular, with cultural monuments and lots of beautiful scenery. We help you organize a great day trip.

Cross country skiing to Tuva tourist cabin

This paradise is located northeast of Hardangervidda and a 2-hour ski trip from Kikut in Geilo. The skiing trip across the mountain plateau is in itself like walking over in a postcard. We help you with transportation with our hotel car.

Finse and the Rallarvegen

Take the train to Finse, the top train station at Hardangervidda and bicycle back to Haugastøl or Geilo. Here you bicyckle along one of the world's most beautiful train rides, in beautiful high mountain terrain under the Hardangerjøkulen.

Stegastein and Flåmsbanen

This spectacular trip brings you from the mighty valleys of the East to the deep fjords of the West. Continue with the world famous train ride from Flåm to Myrdal on the Bergensbanen, and further across Hardangervidda back to Geilo.

Snøvegen between Aurland and Lærdal

Because of all the snow, the road is closed during the winter. In the summer months, this is an incredible drive through untouched nature. Imagine taking this day trip with our Morgan 4x4 to Sogndal, Solvorn and Jotunheimen, before returning over Hemsedal back to Geilo!

Skiing in Geilo

Geilo is one of Norway's largest and oldest ski destinations. Among the 40 slopes you will find trails in all levels of difficulty, which are also particularly suitable for children. Below are useful links.

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