First-class Mountain Gourmet

A perfect start on a perfect day


The breakfast table is ready..

..and you decide the time yourself. What is on today's agenda? The company's sales strategy for next year or sit back with an orange and toddy out in the wilderness? Regardless of the time, we serve something for every taste at our breakfast table. 

Good morning!

Our breakfast is completely different from a normal hotel breakfast...

..and it may have its origin in the fact that we are not particularly fond of buffets. But, we also want you to sit down and enjoy a quiet start to the morning and just let yourself be served.

Be served local cured ham and sausage here from the valley. Or smoked salmon from a fishing pond in the national park. Vegetables from Nerol Farm in our neighbourhood, or real goat cheese from one of the farms here in the village, which is among the world's best cheese producers (!)

Welcome to our breakfast table!

Please, be seated!



The table is set

A dinner table can be small or large. The only invitees may be you and your beloved, 4-5 members of the executive group or the entire wedding party of 50. Regardless, we take pride and excitement in creating a relaxed and informal setting around your dinner table with delicious food and beverages. 


4-course Local Taste Menu

We always start with soup! Without exception, and spends hours making the most flavorful soups that set the standard for the entire meal.

Only when we serve a starter that has won you over, before you even have time to throw yourself over it, will we say we are satisfied.

Always red Mulberry plates for meat, and blue plates for fish. We spend 4 days making the red wine sauce.

All local features count! Here represented by old roof replacements from a farm in the neighboring valley.

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