Geilo Mountain Lodge is the perfect mansion for carrying out various celebrations together with the extended family. The icing on the cake is if you spice up the gathering with fun and cozy activities that the whole family can do together. We have set up an imaginary 3-day inspiration stay that shows a little of what the destination has to offer. There are of course many other activities to take part in, and we are happy to tailor a stay based on your wishes and dreams.

Day 1 - Arrival day and excursions in the local area

The Bergen Railway takes you from the center of Norway's two largest cities in just 3 hours. Travel comfortably and green! Sit back, find peace of mind and enjoy beautiful scenery on one of the world's most beautiful train journeys. We'll pick you up at the train station!

14:00 - 18:00                             

Check-in, Refreshments, Activities in the local area

Before dinner you have many options. A great afternoon walk is PILVEGEN, which lies opposite the center of Geilo and goes up towards Geilohovda. This is is a great trip for the whole family. Maybe some of you just want to sit down in our library with a good book and something good in the glass. And for the children who want a few laps on the bike, it's fun with the floating trails in the ski center in Vestlia.


Welcome to Apéritiff, storytelling about Geilo and 4-course local tasting menu.


Enjoy a good night's sleep like a count or countess in your own mansion.

Day 2 - Trip over Prestholtseter to Ustaoset

With an activity day where the whole extended family takes part, there will probably be some "spread in the field". But don't worry - we have several fun suggestions where we can do something together, all of us. On this trip, we travel up the beautiful Havsdalen to Prestholtseter under the majestic Prestholtseter. Anyone who wants, get on an electric mountain bike and ride for an hour up to Prestholtseter. We put the rest in the car and drive up the beautiful mountain road. Once there, we gather around the table for something refreshing in glasses and on plates. Then there is the second stage, where we walk over the ridge down to Ustaoset. The most enthusiastic can continue with the bikes and if there is someone who cannot walk in the mountains, we also drive the road to Ustaoset. There awaits lunch, a magical sauna ceremony and a bath in fresh mountain water.


Wake up to a great view over Geilo. Enjoy the morning with a home-made espresso in bed and some morning quality time together, before you stroll down to breakfast.


A quiet morning continues in the dining room with our delicious breakfast table.


Meeting at reception and departure from Geilo Mountain Lodge. On electric bikes, we take the trip up the dirt road in Havsdalen and all the way to Prestholtseter.


Short break at Prestholtseter. We enjoy cocoa, waffles or something else good before stage 2.


We walk, cycle or drive to Ustaoset.


We have lunch at Prestun Café in Ustaoset.


Mountain SPA at Ustevatn. Here there will be a sauna, sermoni with Aufguss (oils, music, song) and a free dip for those who wish.


Return to Geilo Mountain Lodge. Relaxation before dinner.


Apéritif and Celebration dinner.

Dag 3 - Departure


Calm morning with our delicious breakfast table. Thank you very much for a wonderful time together!


Check-out/Transport to the train station. 

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