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Historic Monument - High Quality Level - Independent Responsibiliy

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A historic hotel from 1917. An unique gem just between Oslo and Bergen on the Bergen Railway.

Our restaurant and kitchen are widely known far beyond the valley for its warm atmosphere and culinary standard. 

A team of few, but highly skilled employees - we work closely together and we are like a small family.

GEILO IS one of Norway's most progressive and exciting year-round destinations. The village is a natural starting point to explore the national parks Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet, with a wide range of activities in both summer and winter. Geilo is also a wonderful place to live and grow up. Here you have everything you want in a safe and good local environment. By train you are in the middle of Norway's two largests cities in only 3 hours. 

GEILO MOUNTAIN LODGE IS a proud member of The Historic Hotels & Restaurants, and is a small, family-run hotel with only 8 guest rooms. In central Geilo you will find our stately lodge with what is reffered to as the best restaurant in the valley. In the mountains, only 15 minutes drive from Geilo you find our beautiful mountain cabin "Hallinghi", where we take our guests both for meals, mountain experiences and accommodation.

In Geilo Mountain Lodge you will find a completely unique and special atmosphere, where personal guest experience with great food in quiet surroundings are the focus areas. Our aim is to be the best option for the combination of food, drink, accommodation and experiences in our area. Our food concept can best be described as MOUNTAIN GOURMET, where we focus on everything we can find of birds, fish, meat, mushrooms and berries here in the Hallingdal Valley. 

WE ARE NOW CONSIDERING HIRING A LODGE CARETAKER. Our business is in an exciting development. Since our owner and host bought this historic gem 5 years ago, the house has been remarketed as a historic hotel and restaurant, after beeing closed for 2 decades. Without significant increase in our staff, the business has doubled its sales over the last 4 years, leaving our company with a lean and healthy economic development. During this period, daily household has been taken care of by hired labor and the host himself. 

Due to constantly increasing sales and operative activity we also identify scaleing issues in our kitchen, in the dining room, and within administrative tasks such as sales, marketing and booking. With our Lean Development Methology, we still want to grow slow and carefully, because we believe such growth gives greater value to our staff who is dealing with the growth, our guests will experience greater level of quality and service, and we will have less financial stress on our economy. 

Now, we consider taking substantial household activities inhouse. Our host also needs support and assistance within other working areas. Therefore we have created the position of a LODGE CARETAKER. Holding this position, you will work broadly with all our different concept elements, and the various processes in our lodging business, though with a main focus on classical housekeeping tasks where we strive to hold focus on quality of work rather than count minutes and seconds of how fast one can clean a room. The working area will mainly be at our Main Lodge in central Geilo, but also in our Hunting Cabin up in the mountains in our neighbour village Ustaoset. 

The position will undergo a broad scope of working tasks, and will develop as our business develops. This may imply that the position will specialise towards the focus area in a few years. As of today, we believe the position will have approximately the following distribution of working hours:   

Annual working hours                                 1815 (100%)

Total Housekeeping Activities                      51 %

  • Guest Room Cleaning                                20 %
  • Private Appartment Cleaning                      6 %
  • Guest areas (lounges, dining room)           12 %
  • Seasonal Cleaning                                         6 %
  • Hunting Lodge Cleaning                               6 %                           

Total Assisting Activities                                49 %

  • Dining Room Preparations                          18 %
  • Dining Room Activities                                31 %

            (Serving, Bar, Dishwashing, After-service)      

Our team is almost like a family - A total of 5 full-time and part-time employees who work closely and well together. Any position or any competence participate wherever needed, though we have our own focus areas. In our little "family" we play well as a team, we treat each other like a brother or sister and have a jovial, calm and friendly form of cooperation. 

WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU who have broad experience within house caretaking and extensive interests in keeping our beautiful homes neat and tidy to bring extra value for our delighted guests. This urge to keep the house in order is in your backbone and you have eyes for all the little details that our house is filled with. And knowing that you probably have the most important job in the house, you let your passion rub off on the rest of the team. 

We are also looking for you who have experience from other areas within the Hospitality Indstry to give support and assistance within other areas. For this part of the position it is much more important that the right candidate have the interest and urge to learn and fullfil important tasks than broad experience within any of these areas. 

You have a strong personal integrity and personal qualities that fit into our familial form of cooperation. This means that you are good at handling the balance between competence and professional strength with humility, good communication and participation in a team. Other important key words are order and structure, initiative and sense of responsibility and enthusiasm and commitment. 

You can be a junior or have more experience. We will adapt responsibilities and tasks accordingly. When you live in Geilo, it is an advantage if you like mountains and outdoor activities, but that is absolutely not a prerequisite. 

IF YOU RECOGNIZE YOURSELF in this, you can contact our Host Jan Soløy and/or submit your application with a CV and references to: 

email: jan@geilomuntainlodge.no 

telephone: +47 3209 3209 

application deadline: we accept and process applications on an ongoing basis