Geilo offers countless opportunities for children of all ages. We have set up an imaginary 3-day inspiration stay that shows a little of what the destination has to offer. There are of course many other activities to take part in, and we are happy to tailor a stay based on your wishes and dreams.

Day 1 - Arrival day & Local excursion

The Bergen Railway will take you from the center of Norway's two largest cities in just 3 hours. Travel comfortably and green! Sit back, find peace of mind and enjoy beautiful scenery on one of the world's most beautiful train journeys. We'll pick you up at the train station!

14:00 - 18:00                             

Check-in, Refreshments, Adventure pool at Vestlia Resort

As a small activity before dinner, take the children to the Adventure Pool at Vestlia Resort, for a soothing moment after your trip.


Apéritif and our 4-course local tasting menu.  


Enjoy a good night's sleep like a count or countess in your own mansion.                                                                   

Day 2 - Action & Adrenaline with Rafting

Here in Geilo you will find Numedalslågen, one of Europe's fiercest rafting rivers, which offers incredibly fun moments for all ages.


Wake up to a great view over Geilo. Enjoy the morning with a self-made espresso in bed and some morning quality time together, before you stroll down to breakfast


A quiet morning continues in the dining room with our delicious breakfast table


Take a short walk to the center of Geilo. Is there any equipment for the holiday that you need?


Meeting at reception and departure from Geilo Mountain Lodge. 


Rafting in Numedalslågen.  


Return to Geilo Mountain Lodge. Relaxation before dinner.


Apéritiff, Storytelling and our 4-course local Mountain Gourmet. 

Day 3 - Dream day in Geilo Summer Park

In the climbing park you play in exciting obstacle courses up in the treetops. Here you will find trails of various levels of difficulty, so bring the whole family!


Welcome down to the dining room for breakfast!


We meet in the reception. Transport to Geilo Summer Park. 


Dream day in Geilo Climbing Park with lunch


Transport back to Geilo Mountain Lodge


Bowling at Dr. Holms Hotel.


Apéritiff and dinner. 

Dag 3 - Departure


Calm morning with our delicious breakfast table. Debrief after two days of activities. 


Check-out/Transport to the train station. 

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