A spectacular fishing experience in magnificent nature

Join Hilde for a few meaningful hours where we go out on Lake Ustevatn and pull nets from a boat. We clean and gut the fish, before we take the catch home to Hilde and prepare a wonderful meal of fresh, self-caught fish. Along with a short-distance gourmet meal, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful Norway has to offer with the Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda in the background. During dinner, we will also be served an element of Norwegian singing tradition. There will also be coffee and cake, and the children will be served hot chocolate and marshmallows on a fire.

Information about the trip


3-4 hours

Where we go

Geilo, Ustaoset

Total price

Price example

2 persons, NOK. 3 635,- per person

4 persons NOK. 1 850,- per person

8 persons, NOK. 1 250,- per person

Price includes

Transportation, Activity & Lunch

Bring with you

Clothes according to weather conditions

Rainwear, Warm clothes 

Number of people



For everyone

Degree of Difficulty


Medium difficulty


- Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you -

Welcome to our home

Jan, Julie & Timba (the dog)
Host Family | Geilo Mountain Lodge

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