Experience a beautiful winter landscape on two wheels

Our enthusiastic cycling guides take you on a memorable cycling tour in the mountains. With a fat bike, which has wide rims and tires, we cycle into the high mountains and get a very special and beautiful nature experience. We eat lunch outside with goodies in our rucksack, or we cycle to Prestholtseter and have lunch there. We can end the trip at Ustaoset, where it is possible to end it all with a delicious sauna down by Ustevatn.

Information about the trip


4 hours

Where we go

Geilo, Hallingskarvet

Total price

Price example

2 persons, NOK. 2 650,- per person

4 persons, NOK. 1 950,- per person

8 persons, NOK. 1 590,- per person

Price includes

Bikes, Activity, Lunch

Bring with you

Clothes according to weather conditions

Number of people



Adults an persons above 12 yrs

Degree of Difficulty



- Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you -

Welcome to our home

Jan, Julie & Timba (the dog)
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