Drive your own dog sled

Dog sledding is a fantastic activity in which the whole family can join. Sit in the sled or get the opportunity to stand behind and feel the cooperation of the clever Alaskan huskies. You drive 2-and-2 and while one sits in the sled, the other stands behind and drives. You receive instructions from experienced dog handlers and drive for approx. 10 km/h for 40-50 minutes on the Ustedalsfjord in central Geilo. After the tour, there will be a bonfire for young and old. After 1 April, dogs and teams are moved up to Halne on Hardangervidda. This opens up an even greater wilderness experience.

Information about the trip


2 hours

Where we go

Geilo, Ustedalsfjorden

Total price

Price example

2 persons, NOK. 1 650,- per person

4 persons NOK. 1 500,- per person

Price includes

Transportation, Activity, Hot drinks

Bring with you

Clothes according to weather conditions

Number of people



For everyone

Degree of Difficulty


Medium difficulty


- Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you -

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