Explore real traditional craftsmanship & taste your way through world-class cheeses

Come along to Ostebygda, meet a cheesemaker and experience how Norwegian cheese is made from the purest ingredients. Experience real, world-class traditional craftsmanship, historic traditions of dairy farming from many hundreds of years back in time and milk from both cows and goats. Taste different types of cheese, hear the stories of origin from a real cheesemaker, and feel free to buy a little piece of history before you go home. A tasty memory from Hol.

Information about the trip


2 hours

Where we go

Geilo, Hol

Total price

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Price includes

Transportation, guided tour, tasting

Bring with you

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For everyone

Degree of Difficulty


Medium difficulty


- Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you -

Welcome to our home

Jan, Julie & Timba (the dog)
Host Family | Geilo Mountain Lodge

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