Explore the Magic Summer in Geilo! 

The summer here in Geilo is absolutely magical. Geilo is a National Park village and is a natural starting point for trips to two of our most beautiful; Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet National Parks. Below you will find a number of suggestions for guided activities that we can take you on in our local area. 

Hike & Bike the National Park

Choose your mountain dream, and whether you only want to hike or whether you want to hike & bike in combination

Culturally historic hike in Ustaoset 

Join Hilde on a spectacular and culturally historic hike in a beautiful mountain landscape.

Biking, hiking & sauna in beautiful high mountain terrain 

On this trip, we take you to the most beautiful and wildest mountain terrain! This is our own favorite trip where you really get to experience both the mountains and mountain lakes.

Biking to Prestholtseter & Hiking at Hallingskarvet

Experience beautiful Prestholtseter with the Sherpa stairs, which take you right up to the majestic Hallingskarvet.

3-day Mountain Dream with Biking, Glacier Trekking & Mountain Idyll at Geilo, Finse & Ustaoset

Key words for this fantastic trip are cycling on Rallarvegen, glacier hiking at Hardangerjøkulen and high-class accommodation in 3 incredible mountain hotels. This explorations is a small vacation in itself. 

 Hiking around Vøringsfossen & Måbødalen

Explore Norway's most impressive waterfall both from above and below.  

Trail cycling under the massive mountain Hallingskarvet with Sauna & Bath in Lake Ustevatn 

This is the trip for those who like it rough and demanding and are well trained. You must also be able to handle the bike under tough conditions. When that is said, this is really a beautiful bike ride in the mountains. 

High Mountain SPA in the middle of the National Park

With an indescribable view of Ustevatn and Hardangervidda, Hilde gives you an incredible sauna experience at Ustaoset all year round. With her sauna ritual, this will be a SPA experience you will never forget. This activity can be carried out well alone, or in combination with a wonderful walking or cycling tour in the national park.

We give you local food experiences!

How about a visit to the local cheesemaker or the farmer? 

Or should we go out on a mountain lake and catch the fish for tonight's dinner? 

Meet The Cheesemaker

Come along to Hol Ysteri and experience real traditional craftsmanship and how world-class Norwegian cheese is made. We get to hear about life on the "støles" back then and nowadays, and we taste our way through the cheese platters

Gourmet Fishingtrip

Join Hilde for a few meaningful hours where we go out on Lake Ustevatn and pull nets from a boat. We clean and gut the fish, before we take the catch home to Hilde and prepare a wonderful meal of fresh, self-caught fish.

From Farm to Table at Nerol Gard 

Explore the closeness to animals and soil at Nerol Farm. Farmer Marit Nerol talks about the everyday life on the farm and we harvest vegetables, herbs and flowers for tonight's dinner.

Canoe Fly Fishing in the Lake 

Join us for a canoe trip and fly fishing in the afternoon sun. While we wait for the catch to bite, our local guides will serve something good in the cup and stories and anecdotes from Geilo. Maybe today's catch ends up on the dinner table?

- Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you -

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